bed & breakfast brown bread (love that alliteration)

Only one factor determines if a bed and breakfast is exceptional: the quality of its brown bread.

One should not be able to lift a slice of brown bread in its entirety; it should crumble.  One should have to break off one bite at a time.  It should have a soft, wheaty texture, and should never be eaten with jam, only Irish butter.

Many b&bs use store-bought bread, which is gummy and sometimes stale.  If the proprietor will take the time to bake his/her own bread, said proprietor will not cut corners elsewhere, regardless of the price of the b&b.  If the bread is good, the rooms will be clean and orderly.  There will be soap in the bathroom and a hairdryer hidden in a drawer.  There will not be dust on the bedside lamp or misty strands clinging to the corners of the room.

I am utterly converted.  Brown bread is the breakfast of kings.

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